Guiding Principals

Be the physician's advocate
The medical profession is under attack today from many quarters, including the media, government and third party payors. Physicians need a strong advocate with the expertise and resources to bring success in this environment.

Put physicians in control
Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Physicians who gain better information about their practice—through the tools and services provided by CIMplify—gain better knowledge in managing their practice. Physicians can make good decisions when they have good information.

    Information is critical to practice management
    Nothing can be managed in a void, but all information is not equal: useful information must be accurate, timely and lead to action. Raw information is as ineffective as no information.

    Technology is a vehicle, not the destination
    Alone, the best technologies cannot ensure success. Technology must be integrated with appropriate business strategies, processes, priorities, personnel and experience to be of any value.

    Set expectations high and exceed them
    Creativity and commitment can make the impossible possible.

    Plan thoroughly and execute deliberately
    Time spent properly in planning and execution will be returned in multiples over the life of a project. Attention to detail is critical.

    The job of service is never complete
    Service makes the difference. Success for all is only attainable with a consistent focus on daily customer service.

    CIMplify is the physician's advocate and has the organization, people and technology to offer invaluable information.... We believe your business will be different with CIMplify, and we know you'll recognize the value of our technology.

A physician-owned company, CIMplify has worked with specialty medical practices throughout the country since 1997. Early on, it was recognized as one of the largest national consulting firms serving specialty medical practices. It was during this growth that the importance of a coherent IT strategy became apparent, as did the need to provide 24/7 technical support.

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  • CIMplify believes that the physician's primary role is to provide medical care, not to act as a business manager, accountant or collection agency.

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  • Opportunities

    CIMplify is a fast-moving, proactive company. If you are looking for challenge, growth and a rewarding career, contact us today.

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